manntech - Krangeräte

These machines are mainly deployed in situations in which large projections are required due to building terracing or obstacles on the roof.


The crane type machines with standard proportionate projections of up to 40 meters also bypass substantial building terraces. At the same time, efficient performance is guaranteed through the functionality built into each machine.


These crane type machines are characterised by a long jib with a slewing head. In practice, a single unit of this type, positioned correctly on the building, can service the entire building complex including all its terraces and annexes.


Typically, the machines either run on horizontally laid tracks or they are anchored to the building in a stationary position. They are also often made to telescope vertically to an operating position that clears all roof obstructions, while parking below and between the obstructions in order to be hidden from sight when not in use.


These products are maintenance friendly and built to last. This is a fundamental and valuable component, as access is often hindered by scaffolding systems, gantries and so on.