manntech - Fassadenreinigung

As a complement to our selection of façade access systems MANNTECH also offers a façade cleaning system, which is optimally used in conjunction with MANNTECH equipment. Operation on other devices has to be individually certified.


Features of automated window and façade cleaning:

Depending on system used:

  • Complete building cleaning possible – that includes windows, window frames as well as remainder of façade e.g. aluminum or stone elements 
  • Cleaning capacity of up to 500 square meters per hour
  • Cleaning is possible 24 hours per day, automated or manually controlled
  • Low water usage - approximately 150 liters per hour or recycling
  • Instant dry and clean façade
  • Cleaning with cleaning solutions possible


The Wash robot replaces the usual person operated suspended platform by means of an adequate steering control mechanism.


Through cleaning the complete façade the result achieved is a cleaner more impressive building.