manntech - Standardgeräte

Wherever the building’s geometry allows, these proven and economical building maintenance systems are deployed on buildings without major protrusions or recesses. They are usually installed on horizontal track systems on roofs, vertical track systems along roof parapets or run on concrete runways.




  • Simple and safe to operate.
  • Maintenance-friendly.
  • Almost 60 years of experience with advanced hoist unit technology guarantees highest safety standards.
  • Can be operated in narrow spaces.
  • Hardly visible on buildings from ground level when implemented with retractable jibs.
  • Entrance and exit of the cradle (platform) can be situated at front or rear of the machine, according to preference and local conditions.
  • Almost unlimited possibilities of combinations and installations based on continuous development.
  • Hoist will operate for long periods of time without need for overhaul.